Welcome to Wonderful Words

Welcome to my Blog!

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved reading and writing. I recently started up my own proof reading and editing business – ProEditing. (Visit my website www.proediting.com.au ) It was suggested to me that I should consider writing a blog also to ‘keep up my writing skills.’ After some thought I decided that I would like to blog!

After a great deal more thought I arrived at my topic – Words.

My blog is going to be about words that I find that I want to know more about, words I’ve only just heard of and words that have served me well.

Also, I will occasionally discuss what books I’ve just read. I am participating in a reading challenge this year – “2015 reading challenge”. When I have finished a book I write about it on the Face Book page. This has introduced me to writing reviews and I enjoy it!

It took me a long time to decide which word to choose for my first blog.

There are many words that I love. Top three:

Frisson – that shiver you get when you hear your favourite song. The ‘goose bumpy’ reaction. I love this word because it sounds like it feels … ‘frisson’ gives you a frisson!

frisson 02

Obnoxious – means ‘highly objectionable or offensive’. As you say the word you automatically sneer and relish the ‘hiss’ at the end. Obnoxiousssss. It is the most perfect of words to describe some people!


Awesome – what began as mocking and imitating my child’s lifesaving coach, ‘awesome’ was every second word out of his mouth, unfortunately snuck its way in to my vocabulary. But it is useful for expressing many emotions e.g. joy and celebration ‘awesome!’ or sarcasm and irony ‘ oh that’s just awesome!’ or if you’re unsure of the correct reaction ‘awesome’ can imply agreement or sympathy or frustration.


The word ‘word’ is actually difficult to define.  This definition is the best I think:

“a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing.”

When I googled ‘word’ I was taken to two main places –

  • Microsoft Word programs, information etc.
  • and the unexpected but delightful world of ‘gangsta word.’ Intriguing. I entered ‘word’ into urbandictionary.com and this was the explanation:


1) well said

2) Said in agreement

3) Can be used as a greeting, hey what’s up”

So the next time I agree with someone I’m going to say ‘word’ instead of ‘awesome’. This should give me some street cred.

Until next time … word.Gansta101_WORD

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One Response to Welcome to Wonderful Words

  1. Tan Manser says:

    Discombobulate – my kids favourite word x


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