Ummm, it’s the whos-it, you know the doo-vee thingy …

When the word you need just doesn’t come to your mind … the name for that is …. umm … Lethologica. That’s it! It’s called Lethologica.

Lethologica means “the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word”.

Some research into the word suggests that it was first identified as a disorder by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung in 1913. It was discussed in his book Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido (The Psychology of the Unconscious). So it isn’t just forgetfulness, calling it Lethologica makes it sound so much more serious, more medical.

it__s_on_the_tip_of_my_tongueIt can also be known as ‘Tip of the Tongue’ (TOT) syndrome. The perfect description of the feeling that the word/name is ‘just right there’ but not coming out! You strain to access your memory but it seems like your brain has closed, with a “back in 5 minutes” sign on the door. 

Often TOT issues resolve themselves – an hour later or just as you are falling asleep, the word bursts out with no warning “it’s a Phillips head screwdriver … the song was by The Beatles …. her name was Sarah!” (See below Loganamnosis)

Examples of words that can be used to fill the silence while your brain searches through the archives include:lethologica

  • thingy
  • doohickey
  • thingame
  • whatsit
  • gizmo
  • whaddayacallit
  • the you-know, ya-know

One the most common times Lethologica strikes is when you can’t recall someone’s name. Particularly awkward if you realise this as you begin to introduce them to someone else. No! It occurs to you as you stand, frozen in terror, that you can remember all these facts – you know them, they know you, you chatted to them, you know their children’s names, you can remember what they were wearing the last time you saw them. Can you remember their name? NO!

“Hi! Hello … you! So good to catch up with you … mate!”

Well now you can say – “Sorry, got a touch of Lethologica today. It’s not serious is comes and goes!”

remember names

You are not alone.

Look at the picture left.

Found this gem for help with remembering names.

You’re welcome.

Wonderful Words similar to Lethologica:

Hermelschlagen – a noun representing any object, usually when the speaker is suffering from lethologica or does not know the correct name of object being referred to. (Thanks urban dictionary)

Dysnomia – learning disability where the affected person cannot remember words correctly

Loganamnosis – The next step of lethologica – the obsession of trying to remember the word that couldn’t be recalled, to the point where attention is not given to the  rest of the conversation.

History of Lethologica resourse – see http://dictionary.sensagent.com/lethologica/en-en/

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