Don’t be afraid …

Friggatriskaidekaphobia – the fear of Friday the 13th!

Pronounced: frigg-ah-tris-kah-deck-ah-f-oh-bee-ah

Instead of worrying about what may happen on this supposed ‘day of bad luck’ you can:

– Work out how to pronounce this word and then say it fluently.

– Enjoy these 13 ‘Friday the 13th’ funnies (See what I did there!)

1.Michael Scott on being superstitious

friday 13th funny 06

2. Pronouncing big words (shudder)

friday 13th ecard

3. The real reason for a bad Friday the 13th

friday 13th funny 05

4. The correct greeting for the day

friday 13th funny 04

5. Of course there has to be some Jason jokes

friday 13th funny 03

6. Yes

friday 13th ecard 2

7. Keep it casual

friday 13th funny 02

8. Black cats so misunderstood

friday 13th funny 01

9. There are people with bigger worries

friday 13th funny 07

10. It’s even an issue for princesses

Friday 13th funny 08

11. But is a good day for trees

friday 13th funny 09

12. Bad luck is not limited to this day only

friday 13th funny 10

13. Of course Grumpy Cat is all for a bad day

friday 13th funny 12

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