There’s nothing like having a good stretch and yawn. Yes, you guessed it, this is called ‘pandiculation‘.

Animals, in particular cpandiculation 01ats, are very good at pandiculation. They really relish the experience. Yawning as wide as possible they slowly stretching out their back and often each leg. Usually once they’ve done this they then settle back down to sleep again.
This is a great way to wake up gently and begin the day slowly. But of course usually the day begins with an alarm, snooze, alarm, panic and fall out of bed. Oh well.
While doing some research on this word I found out some interesting things.
This advert featured in health fad magazines from 1914 onwards:
pandiculation 05 What?! Yes, it is what it looks like – a stretching apparatus. It was based on the principles of ‘The Rack’, the medieval torture device. This of course should have rung some warning bells, but people were convinced it worked anyway. Eventually it was exposed as a fraud. More details on this machine here.
Also, I read this article about stretching which made a lot of sense:

There’s a simple movement that we’ve all been doing since the beginning of time. It is nature’s “re-set” button – a way of restoring full muscle function and length to a muscle. It is far more effective and safer than stretching. It is called PANDICULATION. It is like a “software update” for your brain: it “re-boots” the brain’s sensation and control of the muscles every time you do it. (Read the full article here)

So stretch up … begin to yawn … and pandiculate

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